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Neal at Christmas

Posted on November 16, 2018 at 4:34 PM Comments comments (214)
It's me, Little Neal.  I'm not looking forward to Christmas.  


Posted on November 8, 2018 at 4:59 PM Comments comments (260)
There are kittens in my house.  I hate it.  They're everywhere.  Please call mom and adopt a kitten.

it's me, Little Neal.

Mom and Dad are Leaving

Posted on September 1, 2018 at 11:42 AM Comments comments (78)
Mom and Dad are going away again, to Austin.  They're leaving me here with the new sociopath hillbilly cat.  Uncle John's coming over to stay with us, but he's not going to get up at 4 AM and save me when the hillbilly gets on a psycho tear at 4 AM.  I don't like it.

I told them that the stupid cat was outside, but I didn't count on him MOVING IN.  The other ferals know their place.  Robert, the former feral, he stayed outside and kept his distance.  He had some respect, but this guy.  He just moved his furry ass in with us. 

Mom says he's not a feral. She says it's likely that somebody put him out.  Well, did anybody listen when I tried to make the perfectly obvious point that somebody put him out for a REASON.

He is totally uneducated and uses bad grammar.  He's never watched public television, doesn't even know what CSPAN is.  He's never heard of the emoluments claws (mom says it's spelled clause, but I don't think she';s right), and he's a biter.  He also thinks he can ambush better than me.  nobody ambushes better than me. 
I need legal help.
He's just a pretty face with no brain.  He doesn't even know who Mr. Manafort is. 

Little Neal

Posted on August 14, 2018 at 9:42 PM Comments comments (277)
It's me, Little Neal.  I'm thinking of using this photo for my GQ cover. What do you think?

When you've got it, you can't hide it. 

Hillbilly Cat: Water Going down the Drain

Posted on August 9, 2018 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (136)
In case you missed some of the story, this is the Hillybilly cat, Errol Flynn, who has moved into our house.  I don't like him.  He has no education, no culture.  He's never watched PBS or listened to public radio.  His vocabulary is smaller than Trump's.  SAD.  It's me, Little neal, and I'm not happy about the situation.  Look at him here.  He's fascinated, FASCINATED, by water going down  the drain.  It's water, going down the sink drain.  What can you do with that?  I want him to go to the Humane Society. 

Neal and the Sail Boat

Posted on August 3, 2018 at 2:13 PM Comments comments (154)
It's me, Little Neal.  This isn't our sail boat, but it's a sail boat at Jekyll Island.  I want to go to Key West in our sailboat.  I can get under in the cabin.  I love it. 

Hilly Billy Cat in the House

Posted on August 2, 2018 at 12:56 PM Comments comments (76)
There's this hillbilly cat who has moved into our house.  He's just pissing me off.  He eats my food, tries to ambush me around every corner and is snaking my mom away.  He don't know nothing.  His vocabulary is smaller than Mr. Trump's.  SAD.  But, now, I've got to teach him everything.  He's never even heard of PBS or NPR or CSPAN.  He don't know what the Emoluments Claws is. 

Little Neal: don't Drink the poison

Posted on August 1, 2018 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (185)

Dad, don't drink the poison. 

I try and try to tell them they're too old to drink the poison, but they don't listen.  Who listens to the cat anyway.  What do I know.  Noooooooo, he's just a cat.  it's me, Little Neal. 
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Dad's Dog Sitting

Posted on April 7, 2018 at 4:26 PM Comments comments (807)
This is my Dad. He's gone to the dogs.  Well, one dog in particular.  he's dog sitting with Uncle John's dog, Nettles.  It's going to take weeks to get that smell off him.  He smells like weener dog.  It's disgusting.

Me and Mom

Posted on March 26, 2018 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (223)
My peeps are back from las Vegas.  Everything's back to normal - me and mom monitoring the decline o western civilization.  it's great.  it's me, of course, little Neal.